Beyond Longevity: A Proven Plan For Healing Faster, Feeling Better, And Thriving at Any Age

A Proven Plan to Heal Faster, Feel Better, and Develop at All Ages

Jason Prall is a former mechanical engineer, educator, health practitioner, speaker, and filmmaker. He is also the founder of The Awakened Health Academy, an online platform that hosts alternative health e-courses.

Below, Jason shares 5 key insights from his new book: Beyond Life: A Proven Plan to Heal Faster, Feel Better, and Develop at All Ages. Listen to the audio version read by Jason himself in the Next Big Idea App.

1. You are a holobiont.

A holobiont is a “superorganism”; An enormous walking, talking rainforest made up of genetic material that coordinates, communicates, and responds to every perceived energetic stimulus it encounters. These stimuli can be extremely subtle or obvious, so we must consider everything we eat, drink, do, believe and interact with.

In the human body, we have three different categories of genomes that do their part to perform a function, maintain balance, and repair damaged parts. These include microbial genes, mitochondrial genes, and human genes. But genes cannot express without an uplifting force, which tends to be an energetic stimulus. This is where the science of epigenetics comes into play. It explores the energetic conditions that regulate gene expression.

It seems that the three genomes that make up you are constantly sending messages to each other to determine which genes the others should express. This maintains homeostasis given the energy environment each perceives. How have unseen energies such as light, sound, magnetism, meditation, prayer, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs been scientifically proven to influence human epigenetic expression?

2. Bioconsistency is conducive to general health.

Consistency can be defined as the optimal state of energy efficiency and concerted activity in a system. Bioconsistency, then, can be defined as the ability of a biological system to optimize harmonious activity and energy efficiency.

“Improved bioconsistency results in a more efficient storage and transfer of energy and information.”

The body consists of nested hierarchical structures; therefore coherence can be exhibited at all space and time scales. From the quantum level to the cellular level, to the organ level, and to the body as a whole, each can exhibit coherence at all levels as well as in relation to the whole.

At all levels, improved bioconsistency results in a more efficient storage and transfer of energy and information. In such a system, the results are improved communication, efficiency, order and harmony. When consistency decreases, we lose communication, efficiency, order, and cohesion. A lack of consistency leads to increased dysfunction, damage, and ultimately death.

3. We need a new definition of aging.

Aging should be defined as the real-time process of losing any level of biological consistency; this results in an inability to adapt, repair and reproduce to the degree necessary to overcome the buildup of this damage. According to this definition, we can switch between both senescence and regeneration within the same cell. For example, we may have a fast aging rate in the heart and a slower aging rate in the liver.

“Aging should be defined as the real-time process of losing any level of biological consistency.”

It is the varying rates of aging in a cell, tissue, or system described in this definition that allows for organ-specific conditions such as cardiac arrest, kidney failure, type 2 diabetes, cirrhosis, stroke, or Alzheimer’s disease. There is nothing wrong with genes per se. Rather, it is a localized, loss of biological consistency that explains the organ- or tissue-specific disease.

Because the whole body is interconnected, when a cell, tissue, or system is weak or aging rapidly, body systems will prioritize function, establish balancing patterns, and initiate repair to maintain homeostasis and function. In doing so, the body as a whole will lose systemic consistency and age faster.

4. Our conditional thoughts are one of the most overlooked aspects of health.

As babies, we experience the world almost entirely by feeling. In the first few years of life, we have little rational understanding of the world. As our brain and nervous system continue to develop throughout our childhood, we begin to give meaning to the subconscious emotions we experience, and eventually we form a perception or worldview according to the meanings we give.

Therefore, your behavior and your cellular, epigenetic expression are heavily influenced by the perceptions and meanings you produce based on past experiences. In adulthood, most of our biological expression patterns are driven largely by unconscious past programming, which may or may not aid long-term health.

“We can significantly retrain or reshape our biological expression in adulthood.”

When it comes to a long and healthy life, it’s fair to say without prejudice that a period between the ages of nine and 10 is the most influential period in a person’s life. This is when most biological patterns emerge. Thanks to the capacity of our brain and nervous system to adapt through neuroplasticity, we can significantly retrain or reshape our biological expression in adulthood. But this often requires becoming aware of our largely unconscious mental, emotional and behavioral patterns.

5. A little stress can do you good.

Most of us have an overly stressed and overloaded nervous system and body. There are two ways to fix this. The first is to eliminate any state of constant stress and stimuli. This is where many people live who can’t really find peace at the nervous system level. The second way to fix being overly stressed is to increase our resilience and capacity to deal with stress.

This is where the concept of hormetic stress comes into play. Hormetic stress is like saying a little poison is healthy, but too much is dangerous. It is a biological trait that, unless extreme, short-term stress or damage can lead to a positive adaptive response that results in greater resilience in the face of adversity. Examples of hormetic stress would be exercise, sunlight, saunas, ice baths, fasting and hyperbaric oxygen.

With the right amount of perceived environmental stress and energetic stimulation, coupled with the next necessary repair phase, you can completely get rid of the stress signal. Therefore, it is important to find an appropriate balance in the extremes: heavy physical exertion and much-needed rest, exposure to sunlight and plenty of time in the dark, periods without food in addition to meal times, mental stimulation comfortable, ambient temperatures plus inner peace and quiet. as well as exposure to extreme temperatures. Anything that can sufficiently stress the mind or body can be beneficial as long as there is corresponding rest and recovery.

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