Donald Trump Jr.  We The People are selling their Bible
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Donald Trump Jr. We The People are selling their Bible

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Donald Trump Jr sells his MAGA scripture, We are the People’s Bible. And you might think it’s some kind of satirical story, but it’s not. The story of the Huffington Post Donald Trump Jr. Holy Hell Reached Through Bible Fundraising Video tells the story of a new scam by our old friend friend enemy of democracy.

And if you think This sounds too crazy to be true and if it is, please make a videoyour dream has come true.

To quote George Ducay, Oh.

We the People Bible

If you like neo-fascist design, the Bible looks pretty stylish. It has black letters on a black background and of course an American flag in case you didn’t get the message that this is not a snowflake/soybean good book.

This volume is not just the King James Bible. Inside each is a copy of the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Oath of Allegiance. This FAQ page indicates that this is a print in red lettering, meaning “the words of our Lord Jesus Christ are highlighted in red.” This makes me think that there will be some people who will complain that the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Bill of Rights are not written in red, because we all know that Jesus himself wrote these documents.

I think the We The People Bible is great. Because many Trump supporters have never read the Bible or other documents, they now have one central book to show to their friends and family who have not read them.

And for the low, low price of $69.99, it’s a steal!

The Trump Bible

Sometimes art imitates life and then life comes and imitates art. I made this satirical video a few years ago. Donald Trump Bible.

Here is that video.

This is the little piece I wrote about.

The Donald Trump Version (DTV) Bible is now available in many retail stores and online. Those who believe in $59.95 can have the Christian holy book translated by President Trump.

DTV includes 39 books from the Old Testament, 27 books from the New Testament and the classic Trump: The Art of the Deal.

Evangelical scholars celebrate DTV. While many consider the King James Version to have a “majestic style”, there is something called “Trump style” on DTV.

Professor Andrew Canard teaches theology at the Theological Institute of Technology (TIT). He notes that DTV’s Trump style has several unique features:

  • No episode is longer than a tweet
  • Hashtags are everywhere. The most common are #Crookedhilary and LockHerUp.
  • Every word of Trump: The Art of the Deal is colored red and underlined.

“Many Christians don’t read the Bible,” said Professor Canard. “They’ll love this recap version, which they’ll probably never read.”

There is also an audio version of DTV. Listeners will love every syllable. As a special treat, each member of the Trump clan reads a chapter from the good book. However, Barron Trump decided not to take part in the project. His friends reported that there was too much hypocrisy for Barron to endure.

United States Attorney General William Barr reviewed DTV. Her review adorns the inside cover.

I concluded that the evidence was not sufficient to prove Pontius Pilate committed a crime.

Attorney General William Barr

DTV’s initial sales are strong. It is expected to be a best seller.

Looking back, I should have increased the price of the Trump Bible.

Thank you for reading. If you are interested in learning more about the Old Testament, I highly recommend The Atheist Handbook to the Old Testament: Volume 1. I also enjoyed reading and learned a lot.

Looking to laugh? Check out comedian Anthony Jeselnik and his biblical story

*I’m assuming they aren’t, but who knows, maybe they are.

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