Corpse Flower California: ‘Smells of rotting flesh’: Rare corpse stinks out California

CALIFORNIA: Amorphophallus titanium, the giant corpse flower, was the centre of attraction this week at the Huntingdon Library in California in the United States as people eagerly gathered to experience the flower that smelled like “rotten flesh”.
The event, which is organized once every few years, witnessed people flocking to smell the intense reek.
“It smells of rotting flesh. It’s trying to attract carrion flies to come to pollinate it, so the more it can get that smell out the more flies it attracts, the better the plant does,” conservatory gardener Bryce Dunn told news agency AFP.
The human-size bloom is primarily a collection of hundreds of little flowers, both male and female, opening at different intervals.
However, the bloom, which takes a month, emits the smell for only two days.
“Once the flower opens, it’s gone within 48 hours. So it’s a very, very short-lived bloom, but it’s quite spectacular,” Dunn said.
“It’s such a rare event. I think I’m so lucky to get to see it,” a visitor was quoted as saying by AFP.
But for another visitor, the name didn’t quite seem accurate. “I wouldn’t say that it was like a corpse. It’s more like an urban dumpster. But it’s good… if you’re into that,” he added.

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