Summer heat takes a toll on community gardens

SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) — Sioux Falls is home to eight community gardens spread across the City.

The goal is to give those who do not have access at their homes, an area to cultivate their own gardens. But the summer heat has caused some growing issues.

The weather this summer has been in the triple digits and community gardens like this one have been feeling the effects of the heat.

Ann Person and her daughter Stephanie Buck have had their own spot at the 9th and Grange community garden for the last two years.

“Our garden has tomatoes and beets, and tomatoes and broccoli, and tomatoes and cucumbers and tomatoes and tomatoes (laugh),” said Ann Person, Gardner.

Person says it’s been a challenging growing season…

“It’s been excessively hot, which means that we have had to do a lot more watering than probably during a normal year,” Ann Person, Gardner.

But their cucumbers and tomato plants have been thriving with the heat.

“Our bell peppers have suffered a little bit. But they produced quite a bit. The jalapenos have gone absolutely wild,” said Stephanie Buck, Gardener.

Lead Master Gardener, Ellen Hamilton, says the lack of rain has caused plants like corn and carrots to fall behind. But there are ways they are working around the lack of rain.

“I’ve encouraged people to put mulch down because that will help keep the water within around the soil area. And also the gardeners have been really good about adding like some eggshells, coffee grounds, a variety of different things to really improve the soil,” said Ellen Hamilton, Lead Master Gardner.

Buck says this garden is more than just growing food, it’s a place to reconnect with her mom…

“Just spend time getting to know her again. And just yeah, just spending time together. It’s just it’s wonderful. Because I was gone so long,” Buck said.

And a place to connect within the gardening community.

Hamilton says the best time to water your gardens is in the early morning or the evening time. She says watering during the day can kill your plants.

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