The Beautiful Low-Maintenance Flower That’ll Bring Vibrant Color To Your Garden

Tiger flowers are extremely resistant to heat and humidity, being native to Mexico, and love full sun for optimal blooming results. The pH requirement of the soil is between 5.5 and 7.5, and loamy or sandy soil is ideal because it drains well. As for fertilization, use one with low nitrogen later in the spring but before blooming. As for watering, the soil should be kept moist as consistently as possible. Once established, you can back off quite a bit.

The blooms on tiger flowers only last a day, similar to┬áthe hibiscus flower. Once spent, clip the deadheads to help the plant save energy for new blooms instead of using it to create seed pods. Since these flowers grow from bulbs, the easiest way to propagate them is in this way, which we’ll get into in more detail. If you live in a warmer climate, especially where the ground doesn’t freeze often, they can survive the year round. Put about a 2-inch layer of mulch down if leaving them in the ground over winter.

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