Why Your Marketing and Customer Service Are So Important to Your Landscaping Business

The ‘Rule of 7’ is a marketing principle derived from a 1930s theory by movie studios that customers decide to purchase a product after seeing it seven times. Therefore, there’s a need for repeated product exposure. Marketing is key to making a product known to potential consumers.

Customer service staff is what clients ‘see’ first whenever they visit your company. As you may already know, the first impression wins a customer, which makes the customer service personnel the doorway to your company. Here’s why marketing and customer service are critical to your landscaping business.

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They Leverage Digital Marketing

The use of electronic media is growing, which makes information spread quickly. Running a business has become easy as landscaping companies can market their services to potential customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods. You can use digital platforms to market your services and products. Marketing your business on the Internet extends the reach and scope of your customer base.

Among the most strategic places to advertise are local real estate publications and websites. The Method says 50% of the landscape market comes from commercial properties, which makes advertising in the real estate sector a strategic move.

People develop trust in a service or entity over time. Exploding Topics reports that 81% of consumers first trust a product or service before purchasing it. Consumers must repeatedly hear about a product to develop trust before hiring or buying a product. Marketing your landscaping business online will build brand trust and increase and attract new clients.

They Target Local Connections

Many potential local customers need your landscaping services. Market yourself locally so that people get to know you and your business. Be the person to call whenever your local area residents think about their lawn.

Customers have different needs. Market your landscaping services with this reality in mind. Your neighbors may never know whether you offer the services they need unless you tell them. Talk to them about your landscaping business and tell them your unique value proposition and what makes your landscaping service better than others. You can post flyers on local noticeboards, in grocery stores, churches, bookshops, and any public place where the locals gather.

It’s a Referral Business

The spoken word is a powerful marketing tool. People trust what their friends tell them more than what they read. Capitalize on this to grow your landscaping business. Offer a referral award to those who refer serious clients.

Be clear on the award terms and at what point one qualifies for the award. You can’t afford to award if the referrals don’t translate into clients. For example, you can say something to the effect that “we’re giving away $50 for every successful referral”. The referral method is very effective since it usually targets previous customers. Use this method to grow your landscaping business effectively.

They Leverage Social Media

Almost everyone is on social media platforms. You’ll find your potential clients on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn; the list is long. Use these platforms to advertise your landscaping services.

Tell your friends about the services you offer. Post flyers on social media outlets to reach more people and expose their services to them. Let them know you can answer their questions and concerns about your landscaping services.

Post on-site pictures of yourself showcasing your completed projects. Referrals from past satisfied clients will also come in handy. There’s no better marketing than that of people who’ve already used your services. Their endorsements on digital platforms will bring a horde of new clients to your doorstep.

Ongoing and Completed Site Visits Bring New Clients

Invite potential clients to visit one of your work sites to see what makes your landscaping services the talk of their town. Some of them will get new ideas on how their space can be redesigned to look better, and who else is better placed to help them bring inspiring ideas to the landscapes?

Some customers have to ‘see’ to be convinced. Planning site visits is key to growing your landscaping business. The site you’re working on may be what your potential customer is envisioning for their property. Visiting the site will pique their interest.

Your marketing and customer service are crucial to growing your landscaping business. Different strategies reach different target groups. Your customer service team should be people-friendly and business-minded. Professional customer service boosts the relationship between your customer and your business. Try to keep the best employees by paying them well. Legal Jobs reports that companies with high employee retention can quadruple their profits. Keep this in mind as you run your own business.

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