Your Grass Shouldn’t Flower, Here’s What To Do If It Does

In the natural cycle of life, plants grow from seed and then mature, eventually producing seeds to propagate more grass. In a natural setting, flowering grass is simply following this process. Unlike a flower that needs to develop beautiful blooms to attract pollinators, grass seed spreads through the wind, which carries seeds to land throughout the soil in the area and beyond.

When the grass in your lawn flowers, it can create two concerns for many property owners. First, it doesn’t look all that attractive, and your neighbors may be wondering why you’re not keeping up with the yard. While there’s nothing wrong with flowering in terms of the health of the grass, some people simply don’t prefer this to occur. Luckily, for most grass, flowering takes place once a year, often over the span of a few weeks. The second reason people don’t like it is because those grass seeds can encourage grass to grow anywhere the wind takes it. This can be problematic if you’re trying to control grass growth, and prefer to keep it in your lawn and not in the flowerbeds which would require more weeding.

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