Beautiful landscaping: Why your neighbours are choosing driveway interlocking over concrete

Just as durable as poured concrete, driveway interlocking is available in many shapes, styles, and colours

As you are driving around your neighbourhood, you might have noticed that smart geometric paving patterns are interlocking many stone pavers. This stunning driveway “interlocking” trend is becoming popular for front yards, backyards, and patios. 

Years past, upgrading your driveway, walkway, or entrance held little choice, and poured concrete was often the most durable and affordable option. Today, driveway interlocking is not only available in many shapes, styles, and colours, but it’s also just as durable as concrete.

Why is driveway interlocking becoming so popular?

Interlocking pavers can offer far more esthetically than poured concrete. They provide instant curb appeal and can really add to the style and value of your property. Interlocking stone is available in all kinds of colours and shapes, and you can choose your interlocking pattern and its edging to make sure your property isn’t ever going to look the same as Mrs. Jones’ house next door.

Driveway interlocking installations often include a layer of gravel to help with drainage, and these versatile patio stones are now much more resistant to the impact of heavy loads and foot or vehicle traffic.

What are the benefits of interlock stone installation?

Properly completed, interlock stone installation is actually easy to clean, and the right stone placement technique can prevent weed growth and shifting, ensuring the stones stay in perfect condition for a good few decades.

Interlock stone installation will stand up to the extremes of our Canadian climate, whether that’s rain or snow, and it’s far less slippery than many comparable surfaces. The interlocking joints of stone pavers are breathable, so they don’t harbor excess water or lead to damaging run-off.  

Ever poured concrete or laid asphalt and had a pet, child, or spouse accidentally step across it before it was cured and dried? Yes? You’re not alone; many poured concrete installations show a few clues as to who was living in a household at the time. This is something you don’t have to think about when choosing interlocking stone versus concrete.

Is it easy to maintain interlocking pavers?

As long as your driveway interlocking was installed properly, it’s far easier to clean than you might expect. You can simply use a hose or pressure washer. As your driveway ages, keeping it moss and dirt-free will reduce the chance of weeds much later. 

An advantage over using poured concrete is that individual paving stones can be easily replaced if they chip or stain. Overall, an interlocking driveway is much easier to remove long-term when you’re ready to renovate again.

What are the benefits of poured concrete?

Poured concrete driveways, paths, and patios also have their advantages. They can be a simple, affordable option, and there are a few types of finish available, including exposed aggregate and stamped concrete options. Properly poured concrete is also very durable, and it will withstand heavy loads as well as the same extremes of weather and temperature.

Poured concrete is super versatile and will suit any home exterior design with its clean, uniform look. If your home’s exterior is already busy or colorful, then choosing poured concrete might be a better contrast. There are also newer finishes available for poured concrete, so you can still have a landscaped yard that stands out from your neighbours.

If your driveway, side yard, or backyard sees a lot of vehicle traffic or you find it difficult to maintain, poured concrete can be easier to scrub or pressure wash without causing erosion.

How does driveway interlocking compare to poured concrete? Here is a quick side-by-side comparison:

Driveway interlocking

  • Many paver shapes and styles available
  • Durable and weather and water resistant, great for pools
  • Regular maintenance is easy and improves longevity
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Poured concrete

  • Smooth and simple with different finishes available
  • Usable anywhere and affordable
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Easy to match to any home design

Choosing interlocking driveway paving for your Mississauga or GTA home

If you have spotted some driveway interlocking locally, then you might be considering it as an option to add value to your home, enhance your landscaping, or provide a safer surface around a pool or hot tub. If so, you can compare permeable interlocking pavement to poured concrete to decide the best choice for your property. 

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