How to get rid of moss on patio fast using ‘cheap’ household item

Moss will spoil the look of patios and paving and grow on almost any surface in the right conditions. 

Over time, airborne particles such as dust and dirt will combine with the sand in the joints to create a perfect place for moss to thrive. 

Shady spots, humid conditions, damp areas and periods of prolonged wet weather will accelerate growth. 

The best way to get rid of moss is to be proactive and remove it early.

In need of sprucing up their paving, one gardener took to the Gardening UK Facebook page to ask for top tips to remove moss and weeds.

Posting two pictures of her patio covered in moss and weeds, Kate Jones wrote: “What’s the best way to revive this block paving? 

“We have it around the edge and at the bottom of our garden and it’s been neglected since we moved in (a lot of work to do in and out of the garden).

“There are loads of moss and weeds and a few hefty ant colonies. There’s a path down one side of the garden (north-facing side) then this nice bit at the bottom (which faces west).

“I‘d like to clean it up and use it for evening/afternoon seating but not sure what’s the best way to try and sort it?”

While many suggested using a pressure washer, this can damage paving if not used properly.

Alternatively, many suggested using washing powder to lift moss and weeds from patios – and it doesn’t even involve a lot of scrubbing.

Emma summers wrote: “Washing powder. You would be amazed at the transformation. You can sweep new sand back into the seams afterwards.”

Lee Ahrens said: “Honestly sounds strange, but cover it in cheap washing machine powder and brush it around. It kills moss and everything fast, and then the rain will rinse it off.”

Brendan Teach commented: “Biological washing powder works well. Sprinkle it on and either let it rain or spray some water on.”

Susan Waters wrote: “Washing powder and water, leave for a couple of hours and rinse with the hose, brings it up great.”

Niki O’Neil said: “I use Aldi biological washing powder to kill moss and algae. Works a dream.”

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