Rajghat has undergone unique landscaping for G20 Summit: Atishi

Delhi PWD Minister Atishi on Wednesday said the Rajghat memorial complex, which will likely see visits during the upcoming G20 Summit, has undergone unique landscaping and a 115-ft Indian flag has been installed at the site.

Assessing the preparations for the G20 summit being held next week, Atishi inspected the Shantivan Road stretch and the Delhi Gate stretch.

Atishi said that it was a matter of pride for both Delhi and the country that the G20 Summit is being held in the national capital. “Preparations for the G20 summit are in full swing across Delhi, with beautification efforts also well underway. Today, I visited Rajghat, a location that many delegates and heads of countries will visit during the summit,” Atishi said.

“Over the past year, the stretch from Rajghat to Red Fort has undergone a stunning transformation led by the PWD. This area has been enhanced with features such as fountains, contemporary street art, open seating spaces, lighting and much more,” she said. Rajghat, the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi, is always a priority for any esteemed foreign delegation visiting India, she said. ”As such, the memorial has undergone unique landscaping. It has been adorned with greenery all around, a 115-ft Indian flag, lighting installations, and much more,” the minister said.

“Alongside the heads of state, numerous contingents representing political, administrative, social, and economic sectors are also visiting concurrently during the summit. Hence, we have revitalised the entire vicinity around Rajghat to offer them an unforgettable experience. Rajghat is the pride of the nation, and we aim for visiting delegates to carry back indelible memories,” she said. The PWD minister emphasised that even after the G20 summit, the Kejriwal government is committed to ensuring Delhi’s continued beauty. Atishi said the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is also playing a significant role in enhancing Delhi’s aesthetics during the G20 summit. It has deployed a large number of sanitation staff and mechanised sweeping machines across Delhi to maintain cleanliness, she said, adding that even after the summit, the national capital will be kept clean and beautiful. During a press conference later in the day, she added, ”The work on areas under Centre has obviously been done by them while the PWD and MCD have done work on the areas under it. It will be wrong to say that the Centre did all the work or the Delhi government did everything.”

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