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What a messy, smelly method Alys Fowler uses to save tomato seeds (Never buy vegetable seed again! How to save money by harvesting this year’s beans, lettuces and tomatoes, 24 August). Just smear the seeds, gel and all, on a sheet of toilet paper and leave it to dry for a couple of days. Then snip up the paper, with one seed to each bit, and store them until next year. It’s a method that has served me well for about 20 years.
Dave Headey
Faringdon, Oxfordshire

When I arrived at my current address, my neighbour passed a paper bag of wizened broad beans over the hedge. He proudly told me that he had grown broad beans from the same stock since 1915, year on year. I have carried on the same tradition, meaning that the beans I have just harvested come from a pedigree of 107 years. Asked the variety, my neighbour quickly said “Everton Wonder”. That’s exactly what they are.
Roger Beamond
Everton, Hampshire

My friend Frank had a distinct north-east Scottish accent. If asked where he came from, he would reply: “Elgin. You know, where the marbles come from” (Thefts expose British Museum’s ‘ridiculous’ stance on return of artefacts, says MP, 27 August).
Roger Osborne
Scarborough, North Yorkshire

When my wife is reaching her limit of drinking alcohol, she will often say that she has “numb eyes”. Maybe this is just the “beer goggles” beginning to manifest themselves (‘Beer goggles’ study finds alcohol does not make people seem better looking, 30 August).
Mike Lowcock
Sandbach, Cheshire

For last Saturday’s Wordwheel, a score of 32 words was described as “excellent”. I got 51 words. Would that be classed as “most excellent”?
Diane Rolfe

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