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Born in Brixton and raised in Oxfordshire, R&B rising star Jazmine Flowers is making waves in the UK music scene, sharing her new stellar single “i’m DONE”. With unforgettable previous tracks such as “awkward” and “detached”, her artistry is continuously reaching new realms and captivating anyone who listens.

Jazmine’s creative production situates her perfectly as a dark pop/alternative R&B hybrid powerhouse. Her new single “i’m DONE”, is a striking and profound new offering from the artist, touching on themes surrounding feeling child-like after moving back home with her mum during lockdown. A song bursting with swagger and self-assurance, Jazmine confirms her individualism in her sound and balances beauty with a precisely enunciated rhythmic quality.

At the ripe age of 23-years-old, Jazmine is soaring in her legacy as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who also co-directs her videos and contributes to her artwork and graphic design. Her lyrics derive from personal experiences and are highlighted by her effortless storytelling talents. We sat down with the budding artist to get to know the brains behind the lyrics, her early days and future aspirations.

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Who and what inspires you in creating?
The people around me inspire me, my friends’ lives, hearing their stories always sparks something in me. Usually when they go through something I can really relate to, it will put my own experiences into a new perspective and inspire me to write about them. I’m also hugely inspired by physical things, textures.. the way smoke moves or the way I feel when I’m in nature.. I try to recreate those feelings with sounds.

Where does your love of music stem from?
As a kid, almost every aspect of my life had a soundtrack, we’d have music playing in the house, on every car ride.. I’d often listen to music when I went to sleep or I would hear my Mum playing piano and singing downstairs at night. My mum named after me Jazz FM because that’s what she would listen to when she was pregnant with me and I also grew up dancing from the age of 3 so music and musicality has been a part of me literally as far back as I can remember.

How would you define your essence as an artist?
A friend of mine recently described me as an observer. She said she noticed I’m quiet in groups of people but always listen very intently and observe what’s going on around me. I really liked that and I think the essence of my music is my honesty and unique perspective on the world around me.. it influences the lyrics I write as well as the sounds I create when making music which makes it the weird blend of electronic, RnB and pop that it is.

What artists would you file yourself next to, if any?
I find that so hard to do hahaha I think my own impression of my music is so different to what other people hear.. If I had to say a couple of artists, I think Josh Levi would be one.. he’s insanely talented. And also BANKS.. I often take inspiration from her production and songwriting.

How do you approach lyricism?
I’ve kept a notes page on my phone for more than 6 or 7 years now where I write emotions, thoughts.. anything really, cool sounding phrases or words. And then when I’m in the studio, I’ll pull that list up after I’ve started a beat and see which ideas I’ve got match the vibe of the track. As I write, I draw from a lot of raw honest emotions and couple that with more visual and poetic lyrics.

What are the most important things that you have learnt so far from your time in the industry?
“Being in the right place at the right time” is a real thing but it is completely irrelevant if you haven’t been putting the work in behind the scenes to prepare yourself for those tiny moments of luck.

Working amongst a smaller team of people who really, seriously fuck with what you do will feel so sooo much better than working with huge names and companies who make you feel like nothing.. great art comes from passion and true connections, not clout.

None of us know what we’re doing.. there isn’t a blueprint or instruction manual to becoming an artist and everyone has a completely different path to completely different types of success so I’ve learnt to take time and listen to my mind, and my body, and put in the work in places that work best for me.

Talk us through your new release “i’m DONE”?
The day we wrote “i’m DONE”, I was chatting with Sacha Skarbek, who I co-wrote the song with, about kid/parent relationships and how intricate and delicate they can be. I’d recently moved back home to live with my Mum during lockdown and had quickly learnt how our dynamic had shifted since I’d moved to London and grown up. So the song is about my petty little annoyances with living with my parents.. hope they don’t take it too seriously though I love them and living with them isn’t the worst thing ever.. hahah!

What about BE83 / Sony drew you to sign with them?
After being signed to a major label and having various meetings with big companies, I knew I didn’t want to sign again until I felt an actual connection with the team at a label. The day I met the guys at BE83, I immediately felt a genuine passion on their end and we got on really well so it was a no brainer.. I love their drive and the way they work, it just fits perfectly with my goals.

Is the track a sign of things to come from you stylistically?
Definitely, I’m still exploring a range of sounds.. some in a slightly more pulled back RnB space and others in this bigger electronic world.. I think “i’m DONE” is a perfect example, both sonically and lyrically, of where I’m taking my music.

Where do you want to take your artistry? What are your career goals?
I have some huge dreams for the future with my music and other avenues of art as well, like visual projects but I don’t like to talk too much about my big goals.. I prefer to work on them myself and let people see once they happen!

I think, always, my goal as an artist is simply to remain an artist. I try not to let the politics of the industry get in my way and I hope I can always maintain my genuine love for creating songs.. work with other creatives I look up to, inspire them and others too.

What’s to come from you this year?
I have more music coming this year and a really special collaboration. I made a beautiful song with an incredible artist I love which I’m excited for you guys to hear.

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