Keep Cut Flowers Fresh For Longer With An Unexpected Bathroom Item

Even expired mouthwash can be used in your arrangement. Once it’s passed its expiration date, mouthwash is no longer as useful in providing dental benefits. But it’s still an excellent source of help for your flower arrangement. It’s also a great way to make good use of this product so it doesn’t need to be wasted. Take note that some varieties of mouthwash include alcohol as an ingredient, which may be too harsh for your flowers. That said, choosing an alcohol-free mouthwash is a better way to fulfill the purpose of slowing the bacteria growth in your vase without excess chemicals. 

You can also extend the life of your flowers by cutting the stems in a strategic way that will ensure the most water absorption. This can be done by holding the stems under water as you cut them at an angle. Cutting them underwater will help prevent air bubbles from developing in the stems, and cutting them at an angle will expose more of the stem to the water in the vase. When you follow these steps, your flowers will be able to get the drink that they need. By adding the secret ingredient of a cupful of mouthwash, you can be sure that the water they drink will be as fresh as possible, and your flowers will be as well.

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