Petals for Pups cart in Shaler brightens people’s days with flowers while raising money for animals

By: KDKA-TV Producer Ashley Funyak and Meghan Schiller

SHALER, Pa. (KDKA) — A mother-daughter team in Shaler is growing gorgeous flowers for a good cause.

Emily Boehler and her mother started the Petals for Pups flower cart last year after getting an abundance of flowers in their gardens they started during the pandemic. The flowers are then sold in the cart with proceeds going to local animal rescue organizations.

“I thought I would just be helping dogs,” Boehler admits “I didn’t expect the amount of positive, feel-good feedback I’d get from people.”

Boehler says it is a labor of love. She starts the seeds in her basement as early as March.

She takes care of planting, harvesting and organizing the flowers in the cart located along Wible Run Road. Boehler then takes pictures and uploads them to social media. During the day when Boehler is at work, her mother keeps an eye on their stock and lets Boehler know when they sell out.

SOLD OUT for today! Now time to snuggle up your pups (and kitties) and tune in to KDKA ❤️

Posted by Wible Run Flower Cart – Petals for Pups on Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Boehler says there is not a regular schedule for the flower cart — it operates like a pop-up which she tries to have out at least twice per week.

Boehler says the cart operates on an honor system. A list of instructions sits on the cart with all proceeds left inside the pink lockbox.

“We do ask $10 per bouquet but some people give more,” says Boehler. “People have generally been very honest. We’ve had a few times where it was a little bit short. If somebody felt they needed flowers to brighten their day and they only had a couple of dollars on them, that’s fine. We still want them to have flowers to cheer themselves up.”

Boehler says the community has shown up in support of the cart. Boehler has gotten offers from others to put their products on the cart to help raise money.

While they’ve donated to many different shelters in the past, Boehler says this year the profits will be going to Among the Wildflowers Sanctuary in Bridgeville.

“They are a home-based rescue. They take senior chihuahuas mostly, or any special needs dog that is not deemed adoptable due to health problems or other special needs,” says Boheler. “They let them live their best life ever, with the best care ever, in their homes.”

Boehler says she does this to benefit animals in rescues, but also in honor of her foster dog Pixie. Pixie passed away last summer and served as the cart’s official mascot.

If you’d like to get some flowers, you’re asked to check their social media pages first. Boehler says she doesn’t want anyone driving out only to be disappointed if they are sold out.

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