The Plant That’s Commonly Mistaken For A Hydrangea But Easier To Take Care Of

One of the key differences between snowball viburnum and white hydrangea is that viburnum shrubs produce a stunning variety of colored berries. The fruit varies in color, including yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, and black, though the most common color is red. The berries grow even during the winter. For this reason, birds and other small animals may eat them when food is scarce during colder months. 

Like with hydrangeas, when it comes to pruning, you will want to remove any dead or broken branches. This helps the plant thrive by allowing more room for young flowers and branches to grow and blossom, and also by providing space for sufficient airflow. For simple aesthetics, you may want to prune the bushes to a shape that fits where they are placed on your property. You can also grow them in pots. Again, like hydrangeas, viburnum are often used as borders for gardens and landscapes, and as hedges around the home, mostly because they are both visually appealing and easy to grow.

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