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Q: I have planted lots of shasta daisies to attract pollinators to my backyard. They have flowered beautifully over summer – but now that fall is on the horizon, is it time to cut them back?

A: Shasta daisies are pretty perennials that don’t demand much attention. They do, however, benefit from a hard prune in the fall, once frosts have damaged the leaves and blooms. But there are other times of year that you can give shasta daisies a trim, too: in the spring, and over summer. This guide explains all three.

Pruning shasta daisies in the fall

Many perennials, such as coneflowers and buddleia, can be cut back in the fall once flowering has finished – and shasta daisies are among them. Pruning the plants at this time not only neatens up your garden, but removing the old, withered foliage and flowers also makes it easier for new growth to push through in the spring. What’s more, cutting back and clearing away dead leaves discourages the risk of disease and pests to overwinter and spread.

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