Will ‘The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart’ Return For Season 2?

Prime Video’s The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart — based on Holly Ringland’s best-selling book of the same name — captured audiences this summer with its powerful performances, twisty family mystery, and stunning Australian scenery. But after the Sept. 1 finale, can fans look forward to The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 2?

The series has been well-received by audiences and critics alike, which usually bodes well for a renewal — however, you might not want to get your hopes up for a second season. Ringland’s novel does not have a sequel, and Prime Video has described The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart as a “seven-part series,” suggesting that it’s not the start of a longer story, but a show with a beginning and ending (Speaking of ending, Ringland’s novel and the Prime Video adaptation follow the same story beats. No spoilers, but they both end on a moment of closure for Alycia Debnam-Carey’s character, the titular Alice.)

None of this necessarily rules out a potential second season, of course, and viewers won’t know for sure until Prime Video makes an announcement either way. Plus, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart was executive produced by Bruna Papandrea, who also worked on Big Little Lies. Just like The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, the acclaimed HBO series was based on a book without a sequel, and originally envisioned as a limited series. However, the success of the first outing prompted HBO to renew the show for a second, with the original book’s author (Liane Moriarty) penning stories for the new chapter.

Renewal prospects aside, Ringland has been busy writing since her debut novel became a Prime Video series. Her next book, The Seven Skins of Esther Wilding, comes out early next year for American readers. Per the synopsis, the story follows the titular Esther on a quest to understand her sister’s mysterious demise: “Esther reluctantly travels from Lutruwita, Tasmania to Copenhagen, and then to the Faroe Islands. On her journey, Esther is guided by the stories Aura left behind: seven fairy tales about selkies, swans and women, alongside cryptic verses Aura wrote and had secretly tattooed on her body.” Like The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, the book explores themes of family, loss, and trauma, so it sounds like a natural next read for fans of series.

Not quite ready to move on from Alice Hart? You might also want to check out Ringland’s Be Your Own Wildflower affirmation cards, which are based on the beautiful flowers that feature in the novel and show.

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