Pryor Flower Shop Creates Rock-Themed Flower Arrangements For Rocklahoma Music Festival

60,000 people are expected to come through Pryor this weekend for the Rocklahoma music festival.

Pryor Flowers, a flower shop in town, is getting in on the fun by putting together rock-and-roll-themed flower arrangements. The VIP lounges and tents at Rocklahoma in Pryor are decorated with nearly 100 centerpieces.

“We’ve been planning it for about six months,” said Pam Whitlock, the owner of Pryor Flowers. “We’ve been getting with the Pinecone Project and doing meetings, seeing their visions come to life. We did the silk floral swings, and then we have the table toppers and centerpieces and things like that.”

The arrangements include skulls, bones, and even little guitars.

Whitlock is excited for Rocklahoma to finally be here.

“It’s the talk of the town every year for the Labor Day weekend, so we always look forward to it, doing different things like this. We’re always inspired by different stuff; we’ve got the skull containers, and then here in a few weeks, we’ll turn around and do Born and Raised and do something for it too,” said Whitlock.

She loves being able to show the hard work she and her team have put into their designs.

“Especially being a small business, it’s amazing to do stuff like this,” said Whitlock. “We’ve been in business for almost 2 years now, and we just love doing everything.”

What makes the centerpieces unique is that they come from decorations employees found locally.

“When we buy our florals, we usually go around and try to shop for the best deal for our containers and things like that, so we go to our local businesses, antique stores, flea markets, small mom and pop shops, we like to support our local businesses, and then we buy our flowers local,” said Whitlock.

Whitlock hopes people see flowers should always have a place at the table.

“Flowers can be in every aspect of life, even a rock concert!” said Whitlock.

The festival starts Thursday in Pryor and runs through Sunday.

Whitlock said she will also be doing the flower arrangements next year.

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