How To Get SpeedyGrow Fertilizer In Palia.

In Palia, you’ll be doing a lot of gardening, as not only are many of the crops you can grow needed for cooking recipes and quests, but it’s also one of the best ways to make gold. Some crops can take a while to grow or due to differing growth times, you may find it hard to sync them up and make sure your crops get planting bonuses.



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If you’re having trouble or want gold faster, fertilizer can come in handy. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock and obtain SpeedyGro Fertilizer, speeding up your crop growth.

What Is SpeedyGro Fertilizer?

Player inventory with one SpeedyGro Fertilizer emphasized in Palia.

SpeedyGro Fertilizer is an Epic rarity fertilizer that doubles the growth rate of a crop it’s placed on.

The fertilizer helps slow-growing crops like Apples and Blueberries be able to be harvested quicker, and like other fertilizers, it can be stacked on crop squares to maintain the effect longer.

It’s also required for one of Delaila’s friendship quests, Fertile Grounds.

Only one type of fertilizer can be stacked on a crop square at once. If you try to put multiple fertilizers on a square, the oldest one will be returned to your inventory and the newest one’s effect will replace it.

There are two ways to obtain SpeedyGrow Fertilizer: buying it from Badruu’s Gardening Guild Shop or by producing it in a Glow Worm Farm from certain foods and gatherables.

How To Obtain SpeedyGro Fertilizer From Badruu

Badruu shop inventory with an emphasis on the Speedgro Fertilizer option in Palia.

To get it from Badruu’s Gardening Guild Shop, you’ll first need to raise your Gardening skill to level ten.

This is the final level for obtaining level-up rewards, and once you reach it, you’ll begin to get special Gardening Tokens from completing weekly accomplishments related to Gardening and further raising your skill.

Once you’ve unlocked the additional store items and acquired some tokens, a set of 20 fertilizers can be purchased from Badruu for 20 Tokens.

You can check your available weekly token accomplishments for any maximized skill by accessing the Accomplishments menu with the U key.

How To Obtain SpeedyGro Fertilizer From A Glow Worm Farm

Glow Worm Farm UI with both glow worm and SpeedyGro Fertilizer output visible in Palia.

The other way to obtain the fertilizer is from a Glow Worm Farm. The Glow Worm Farm is a reward from Einar upon reaching Fishing level seven and can be purchased for 1,500 Gold.

Like the regular Worm Farm, you give it gatherables and foods and in return, it produces Glow Worms and two different types of fertilizer depending on what it’s given: Harvest Boost Fertilizer and SpeedyGro Fertilizer.

It accepts the same foods and ingredients as a regular Worm Farm, but only nine of them will output SpeedyGro.


SpeedyGrow Fertilizer Output Per One Item

Sweet Leaf x1

x1 SpeedyGro Fertilizer

Apple x1

x4 SpeedyGro Fertilizer

Blueberry x1

x3 SpeedyGro Fertilizer

Macaron x1

x4 SpeedyGro Fertilizer

Apple Pie x1

x15 SpeedyGro Fertilizer

Blueberry Pie x1

x10 SpeedyGro Fertilizer

Celebration Cake x1

x27 SpeedyGro Fertilizer

Blueberry Jam x1

x4 SpeedyGro Fertilizer

Apple Jam x1

x6 SpeedyGro Fertilizer

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