Smart Tips To Tie Flowers Together In Picture-Perfect Arrangements

Many people use the wrapping technique to ensure that their flowers stay together when they are placed in a wide-mouth vase, including TikTok user The Suffolk Nest. After arranging the flowers and greenery the way she would like them to sit in the vase, the creator used a roughly 2-foot strand of twine, formed a loop at the end, and hooked it on her pinky finger. Holding the bouquet firmly to keep the flowers in place, she wrapped the twine around the center of the stems and secured them by threading the twine through the original loop and tying a double knot.

For the best results when preparing your flowers, you can opt to cut the stems of the flowers on the outside of the bouquet shorter. This will allow to middle to appear taller and fuller, while also filling in any excess space on the sides of the vase opening.

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