The 5 Best iPhone Apps For Hiking And Backpacking

The PeakFinder App stands out as an exceptional tool for hiking and backpacking enthusiasts, providing unparalleled mountain recognition and navigation features. This iPhone app, designed to enhance outdoor adventures, has gained recognition for its unique capabilities that cater specifically to hikers and backpackers. 

Unlike typical navigation apps, PeakFinder focuses on summit identification and panoramic mountain views, making it an indispensable companion for those exploring the great outdoors.

One of the most remarkable features of the PeakFinder App is its ability to offer offline panoramic mountain views with names of over 1 million peaks worldwide. This means that even in areas with limited or no network coverage, hikers can still enjoy accurate peak identification and orientation. 

The app utilizes GPS-based current location views, allowing users to align their camera overlay with the mountains they see, enhancing their understanding of the terrain. The touch interaction feature provides users with detailed information about the mountains, while the telescope function aids in identifying less prominent peaks.

PeakFinder offers advanced tools for vertical exploration, too. It provides arrows and sliders that allow users to adjust compass settings, visibility, and even celestial configurations. This depth of customization enhances the user experience and provides essential information for navigating challenging terrains.

In terms of pricing, the app costs $4.99, and considering its unique and specialized features, users may find the investment worthwhile.

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