Spiritual Detectives in Cambridge trying to explain the unknown

Spiritual Detectives in Cambridge trying to explain the unknown

Schools, the post office, Langdon Hall, and historic homes have all been recommended to Spiritual Detectives for investigation.

Leah Dubrick has had spiritual experiences throughout her life, but she didn’t decide to discover what they really meant until her own children were grown up.

One day, while watching his grandson, it was a bizarre event that caused the wheels to turn for him to create the Spiritual Detectives, a team that investigates the supernatural.

“What really turned things on for me was when I watched my then-baby granddaughter play on the floor, seeing what looked like sparks from a firecracker around her,” Dubrick says.

“I shot a video and I saw flashing lights in the video. I’ve had experiences all my life and I wanted to explore them and learn more about them,” he says. “As Anishnabe, I was raised differently from most anyway, and my children have grown, so it was time for me to explore once again what interests me.”

Based in Kitchener, Dubrick struggled to find a local team to work with and eventually formed a band in Hamilton. After it didn’t go as planned, he set up his own team.

“I started following a team at Hamilton and learned the basics from them,” he says.

“I tried to partner with someone else a few times, but it didn’t work out as I only wanted to help people and the dead and ‘partners’ wanted proof to post on YouTube.”

Leah Dubrick has had spiritual experiences throughout her life and is now investigating what they mean with her team of Spiritual Detectives. Leah Dubrick

The newest member of Dubrick’s crew calls Cambridge home and encourages him to take a closer look at the city and the history behind it.

After reaching out through groups on Facebook for places to explore, she received a lot of suggestions.

“I got multiple positions in Cambridge from several schools, post offices, Langdon Hall, and some of the homes where people had experiences,” Dubrick says.

“The hard part is finding owner names, manager names, phone numbers and getting in touch to get permission. It is much easier when the person contacts me to check things out.”

Whenever the ghayb is mentioned, there are always skeptics. This is something Dubrick understands and believes is a good thing to explore. His team is more concerned with looking for the reason why things happen, rather than just trying to find spirits.

For those who are overly skeptical or interested, Dubrick says, they can join in. Maybe then they can experience some of the events that he experienced throughout his career.

“I was in a popular mental institution in the states and I was leaving when I heard a really loud, rude masculine grunt in my left ear,” he said.

“I saw the shadow of nothing pass me by. I was touched, I drowned, the wind knocked me down. Everything is ominous, especially when it’s pitch black and there’s a loud thump on the wall next to you.”

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Leah Dubrick and her team have had experiences with the spiritual world, from noises and loud noises to being touched by the invisible. Leah Dubrick

Despite frustrating experiences, Dubrick keeps coming back to investigate to help those looking for answers.

“My favorite part is seeing the client finally relax, especially when the kids are sleeping through the night,” she says.

“A lot of people contact us when children are affected. I really learned not to expect anything, every situation is different. Sometimes we don’t have a logical explanation.”

More information about Spiritual Detectives can be found on their Facebook page at Spiritual Detectives Ontario – Spirit and Entity Consultants.

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